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VIP experience - Painting a Realistic Skin Texture Using Mari

Henrique Campanha
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By purchasing the VIP Experience, you'll get an individual menthorship with the instructor, covering the following added products:

01 Video review of your final work:

In this 20-30 min video I'll give you a full feedback

after receiving your final textures, commenting and

presenting some insights on how you could improve your

work. This will be like an exclusive lesson taylor made

just for you.

Personnal e-mail assistance to answer all your


I'll be answering all your texture related questions,

limited to one e-mail per day, for the period of 12

consecutive days (weekends including), counting from the

purchase date. The questions should be as specific as

possible, so that I can answer you clearly and keep

track of your progress. (Questions like "How would I do

a cool looking character" for example might sound too

abstract, so we should avoid that. Questions like "Where

could I add some more veins on my character face so that

he looks older?" is a totally plausible question)

You'll receive all my Mari scenes*

This is the full scene, with the 3d head and all texture

channels created in the course. You can modify and use

to your own studies. It's a great go-to reference when

painting another characters.

You'll receive all my Lighting/Rendering Scenes

(Softimage XSI/Arnold renderer)*

This is the final scene used to render the image I

created and uploaded to foruns and art websites. Here

you can see where I place lights, how I build my shaders

and render setups.

...added to that, you'll also get the

complete standard experience: 19 video lessons + 1 video

bonus explainig the softimage lighting/rendering setup +

community facebook group.

To request more information about the VIP Experience, please contact me at: henriqueoc@msn.com

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VIP experience - Painting a Realistic Skin Texture Using Mari

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